Embedded Systems. Analysis And Modeling With Sysml, Uml And Aadl

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Since the construction of the first embedded system in the 1960s, embedded systems have continued to spread










A case study based on a pacemaker is presented which enables the reader to observe how the different aspects of a system are addressed using the different approaches


About the Authors Fabrice Kordon is Professor at University Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris, France, where he is in charge of the team Mod lisation et v rification of the LIP6

Agusti Canals is a software engineer and has worked at CS Communication et Syst mes in Paris, France since 1981

All three systems are important in that they provide the reader with a global view of their possibilities and demonstrate the contributions of each approach in the different stages of the software lifecycle

An Introduction to MARTE Concepts, S bastien G rard and Fran ois Terrier

Another difficulty is that systems are plunged into the real world, which is not discrete as is generally understood in computing , but has a richness of behaviors which sometimes hinders the formulation of simplifying assumptions due to their generally autonomous nature and they must face possibly unforeseen situations incidents, for example , or even situations that lie outside the initial design assumptions

Case Study Modeling Using AADL, Etienne Borde

Case Study Modeling Using MARTE, J r me Delatour and Jo l Champeau

Case Study Pacemaker, Fabrice Kordon, J r me Hugues, Agusti Canals and Alain Dohet

Chapters dedicated to analyzing the specification and code generation are also presented

Contents Foreword, Brian R

Elements for the Design of Embedded Computer Systems, Fabrice Kordon, J r me Hugues, Agusti Canals and Alain Dohet

Embedded Systems presents the state of the art of the development of embedded systems and, in particular, concentrates on the modeling and analysis of these systems by looking at model-driven engineering , MDE2 SysML, UML/MARTE and AADL

Foreword, Dominique Potier

General Concepts 1

He is deputy director of the Direction de la Qualit et des Audits Technique

His research field is at the crossroads of distributed systems, software engineering and formal methods

His research fields cover the engineering of embedded systems and the generation of automatic code of these systems from modeling languages, integrating verification and analysis tools on the model and code level

Introduction, Fabrice Kordon, J r me Hugues, Agusti Canals and Alain Dohet

J r me Hugues is lecturer-researcher at the Institut Sup rieur de l A ronautique et de l Espace ISAE in Toulouse, France and has been a member of the language standardization committee AADL since 2006



Model-Based Analysis, Frederic Boniol, Philippe Dhaussy, Luka Le Roux and Jean-Charles Roger

Model-Based Analysis, Thomas Robert and J r me Hugues

Model-Based Code Generation, Laurent Pautet and B chir Zalila

Model-Based Deployment and Code Generation, Chokri Mraidha, Ansgar Radermacher and S bastien G rard

Modeling of the Case Study Using SysML, Lo c Fejoz, Philippe Leblanc and Agusti Canals

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Presentation of SysML Concepts, Jean-Michel Bruel and Pascal Roques

Presentation of the AADL Concepts, J r me Hugues and Xavier Renault

Requirements Analysis, Ludovic Apvrille and Pierre De Saqui-Sannes

SysML 3

The development of these systems is a difficult problem which does not yet have a global solution

They provide a continually increasing number of services and are part of our daily life

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